Click on names to be taken to full Gallery with pictures of their progression (if provided).


Produced here out of Pixie x Toffee.  We named her Sparkle because she does...She sparkles. I could see when she was very small that she'd grow into something amazing. She has produced some truly gorgeous things as well including her 2018 offspring "Bling" and 2019 offspring Lustre.  We can't wait to see what else she makes us.

Jadis (1).jpg

Produced here out of Necco x Narnia.  This girl is one of only two offspring from my gorgeous female Narnia(RIP).  Her structure is lovely and we can't wait to see if we can get a peachy orange out of her to resemble her mother.  She has been making astounding tricolors with Giovanni and I don't see that stopping. :)


Produced by D.W. Geckos and Terraria out of Sisqo x Entourage.  This girl is just stunning.  We feel so very thankful to have her and we can't wait to see what she can make for us.   She'll be paired to Sugar Daddy which will be a dream pairing...just wait and see.  She recently decided her petite frame didn't need a tail... ;)


This female was produced during a Breeder loan between D.W.Geckos and Emily Burke Artwork out of Entourage x Reverie. I cannot tell you just how excited I am to have this Female for our pinstripe project. The cream is SOOOOOO bright.

Snickerdoodle 4_edited.jpg

Out of Inferno x Butterscotch this beauty has very quickly become a favorite here.  She is a LARGE female with a GIGANTIC head and we can't wait to see what giant headed babies she makes for us.  She was brought home in March 2019 and is already a favorite here.

Topaz (2).JPG

Produced here out of Violet x Necco this girl bred for the first time in 2021.  She's a BIG girl at over 60g already and has her mothers sweet personality.  We can't wait to see what she makes us in the future...


Out of Lockup x Firestone.  The first red I ever bought...This girl is gorgeous.  We love her structure, her colors and have high hopes for more beautiful babies from her in the future.  She produced a beautiful lavender female that is our holdback from 2020.

Cordelia (3).JPG


I FINALLY found what I hope will be the perfect female leachie for our Walter.  She's big. Hoping with the right preparations and introductions she'll accept him and they'll make us LOTS of babies. 

Thunderbird 2.JPG

Produced by Zen Gex out of Druid x Yana and proven/purchased from Oklana Zoological we could not be more excited to have this girl.  She will likely make high pattern, high contrast, Pinstripes.  She will be with the legendary Sugar Daddy in 2022 and WE CAN'T WAIT!

Miracle (1).JPG

Out of Zvezda x Solaris this beautiful girl is a stunning beautiful yellow. She is also the granddaughter of one of my all time favorite yellow girls Radar.  She had a very eventful trip to our house and we are SO happy she is safe and sound. She's been proven and will be paired up again in 2022.


Produced through a breeder loan with Tailspinz Geckos out of Magneto x Violet. This girl got the best of both parents.  She got Magneto's beautiful Red and her mothers super sweet personality.  We are SO excited to see what she can make for us!  She will be paired with Kit Kat in 2022.

MaSk16 (1)_edited.jpg

Produced here out of Mariposa x Skor.  Her name is a shout out to Marilyn Monroe because of her beauty spot. ;)  She is SUPER patterned and has such a beautiful peachy middle color.  She will be thrown in the rotation in 2022 and is being paired with Giovanni.  We're hoping for some amazing Tricolors!


Produced by Christie's Reptile room out of Zex x Heart Attack we are absolutely THRILLED to have this girl. Her color and structure are perfection.  She has now been proven and we can't wait to see what else this girl will make for us. 

Marigold 2_edited.jpg

Unknown lineage but when I saw this beautiful girl I had to have her.  She's so bright and beautiful. She's produced beautiful babies with Necco and I can't wait to see what else she can make for us. :)  


Produced here out of Skittles x Oh Henry, Butterscotch was our VERY FIRST crested gecko hatchling here at Paris Reptiles.  Not too shabby for our VERY FIRST!  She has produced many beautiful things here.  :)

Violet (4).JPG

This beautiful girl was produced by Kelsey Christenson out of Barnabus x Ginebra. I am always on the look out for beautiful pin females so when I saw her, I had to have her. She is a very sweet girl and one of our faves. She is the mother of our Ruby, Topaz, and many other gorgeous things. 

TaRu (6)_edited_edited.jpg

This beautiful girl was produced by Mama T's Cresties out of Tananite x Runestone.  Her pattern didn't spread as much as I'd hoped but just look at that BEAUTIFUL base color.  She may have a bit more growing to do but hopefully we'll get her in the rotation sometime in 2022. 


Produced here out of Pixie x Toffee.  This girl is not the flashiest of her full sibs...but this girl has made some GORGEOUS things here including our Norma Jean. She is also the mother of our very first gecko produced from 2 geckos we've produced. We expect more of that in the future.

MG4 (2)_edited.jpg

This beautiful girl was produced here from Moe x Ginger.  She doesn't have a name just yet but she for sure has a place here.  We can't wait to see what she will produce us in the future. 



This gorgeous girl was produced by Marcia McGuiness of Golden Gate Geckos and is a Tremper Sunglow.  This is arguably the single best Sunglow line out there.  She has produced so many beautiful sunglow offspring...I finally got a pure GGG sunglow male to pair her with...Hopefully she's not past her prime...I need so many more just like her.