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Snowday (5).JPG

Beachside Geckos Titan x Granite produced this beautiful male that came to us via Oklana Zoological where he was proven.  We purchased him to put with our beautiful Sparkle but he will have several girlfriends in 2021.  We can't wait to see what he will make for us and know that great things are to come!

Carnival (12)_edited.jpg

Purchased from my friend at Mama T's Cresties.  This one is out of Jezebel x Pharoah.  I was with Angie when she purchased both Jezebel and Pharoah and when I was given the chance to purchase one of the few babies they produced, I couldn't pass it up.  We can't wait to see what he will make for us in 2022. :)

Sugar Daddy 3.jpg

I've always loved CONTRAST in crested geckos so when I went looking, this boy was purchased at a March Tinley from DD Reptiles.  He is a beautiful white walled pinstripe with gorgeous structure and is quite large.  He is the father of Bentley, and Ginger as well as many other gorgeous pinstripes.


Produced here out of Skittles x Oh Henry in our very first breeding season.  Not too shabby.  He's a very strange color and fires up very strangely sometimes. I would say he's a Lavender in disguise.  He has gone on to produce gorgeous offspring like Kit Kat and Norma Jean.



Produced Here out of Giovanni x Sparkle.  He really got Sparkle's bright white!  This is an old picture and he still has some growing and bulking out to do but we are very excited to see what he will make us in the future.  With any luck he'll be in the rotation sometime in 2022. :)



Chester's name should be obvious...he's SO bright.  He is PURE Golden Gate Gecko line Sunglow.  He was produced by Golden Valley Reptiles.  I don't work with a lot of leopard geckos but Sunglows have always had my heart...When I had the opportunity after YEARS of looking to pick up a pure GGG line I jumped at it.  Hopfully he and Stella will make beautiful babies before she retires.

Giovanni (1).JPG

Produced by Ryan's Reptiles out of Westley x Rosie(red harley).  I didn't know when I bought him who he'd be paired to exactly but knew he needed a strong name...which you have to say with an italian accent. ;) This boy is father to Bling, Tinsel, Quartz, and Glitz and several other gorgeous growouts with more to come!

Avalanche 4.jpg

Produced here out of Pixie x Toffee.  He had a creamy dorsal as a hatchling but never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined he'd turn out like this.  So, I sold him.  Thankfully the buyer, a friend, had to back out on the sale.  He was a PAINFULLY slow grower but that gave his cream tons of time to spread.... ;)


Kit Kat was produced here out of Pearl x Skor.  He's EXACTLY what we envisioned when we put the pairing together. He hatched out on our God Daughter's birthday so we named him after her nickname. He didn't look like much when he hatched but look at him now! 


Produced here out of Sugar Daddy x Twix.  This boy is a very good representation of what we were looking for from this pair.  He doesn't fully fire up anymore but he's so dark, so bright, a tricolor, and with beautiful structure.  Can't go wrong there.  He has produced many beautiful pinstripes and will continue to do so.

Studebaker D.jpg

Produced by All Star Geckos out of Spock x Tina.  We think this boy is perfection as far as clean Lavenders go.  We are super hopeful that he will make gorgeous things with our red and yellow girls and he has already made us a beautiful Lavender girl with Sparkle. :)

Walter 2.jpg

Walter is (Nuu Ana x Duu Ana) x Moro.  I first just wanted a pet leachie.  They're big and beautiful and once you hold one the desire to own one goes through the roof!  I never in a million years expected him to get all that big but at 350g+, he's BIG. Hopefully he and Cordelia(coming soon) will get along and make me lots of big beautiful babies.