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VN1--21g Male


Violet x Necco. This boy has been a holdback from the start but I can't keep them all.  I'll be really sad to see this one go.  :(  The majority of the babies from this pairing were light based and this beauty is one of the very best.  

MG3--7.3g Possible Female


Moe x Ginger This beautiful creamy pinstripe is sure to be a great addition to any group.  The pins are bright!

VN15--4.5g possible male


Violet x Necco.  Pretty little harley

STf1--10.4g Female


Skittles x Toffee. pretty little harley female up for grabs.

M2--53g Male

$215--ON SALE $185

Mimosa x Apollo.  This beautiful Sunglow is 25%ggg line and is also 66% possible het Eclipse.  I just LOVE the patterning on his head.

PB3--7.3g Possible Female

$250--ON SALE $200

Pearl x Bentley. A pretty little pinstripe with a very creamy dorsal!

MaSk7--4.5g Male


Mariposa x Skor.  This boy is absolutely stunning...If it hadn't sprouted pores we'd still be keeping it.

PB1--9.1g Possible Female


Pearl x Bentley, This beautiful possible female is a tri-color through and through just like her daddy.  This girl's structure should explode as she gets older.

GBt10--2.8g unsexed


Giovanni x Butterscotch.  With this much pattern at 3g, this one is bound to blow us all away as it gets older.

S8--47g Female

$200--ON SALE $150

Stella x Apollo.  This gorgeous girl is 50%ggg line and is a 50% possible het Eclipse.

VN17--3.6g unsexed


Violet x Necco.  The pretty little light based gecko could gain a LOT of white as it grows.  Dad sure did.  :)

PB7--3.9g unsexed


Pearl x Bentley.  This beautiful little Tri-color Pinstripe is gonna be gorgeous.  Who knows what progression there will be as it grows.  :)

MG10--3.7g Unsexed


Moe x Ginger.  This Creamy little pinstripe is only gonna get better with age.  Should have a large head and beautiful structure.

GBt6--5.4g unsexed (No pores)

$195--ON SALE $165

Giovanni x Butterscotch.  This beautiful little harley might go Tri-color.  You just never know what progression might happen.

STf2--9.9g Female

$200--ON SALE $170

Skittles x Toffee.  This beautiful female has wonderful harley patterning and cream coming in a little more all the time.

S4--58g Female

$195--ON SALE $145

Stella x Apollo.  This beautiful Sunglow girl is 50% ggg line and 50% possible het Eclipse.  These pics don't do her justice....at all....

PB12--3g unsexed


Pearl x Bentley.  This little tri-color pinstripe is just beautiful.  Will be a beautiful adult.

VN11--10.7g Male

$200--ON SALE $175

Violet x Necco.  This boy's contrast is insane.  He's SOOOOOO dark and SOOOOOO bright.

GBt5--6.1g NO PORES


Giovanni x Butterscotch.  This one is a true lavender.  It fires up so light...  Snatch it up fast, I've already had interest in this one.

MG13--3.2g unsexed


Moe x Ginger.  A full pin minus 1 scale.  Super creamy dorsal.

PB14--3.5g unsexed


Pearl x Bentley.  This one would be wonderful in a quad stripe group.  Going to be a lovely adult

STf3--8.9g Possible Female


Skittles x Toffee.  This one is pushing 10g and no pores. Would be great in a tri-color or harley group.

VN16--3.9g unsexed


Violet x Necco.  This beautiful yellow would do great in a yellow pin group, or any yellow group.

M1--49g Female

$150--ON SALE $110

Mimosa x Apollo.  This beautiful girl is 25% ggg line sunglow and also 66% possible Het eclipse.  She has slight markings on her head.  She's beautiful and these pics don't do her justice.

MG2--5.6g unsexed


Moe x Ginger.  This beautiful full pinstripe is super creamy and I expect that to grow a little.

PB4--6.2g Male


Pearl x Bentley.  So much pattern on this one.  Cream might spread out a bit or it might stay more Tri-colory.  :)

PB5--6g possible male

$225--ON SALE $200

Pearl x Bentley.  The creamy dorsal on this one is SO bright.  Great male for a pinstripe group.

MG1--5.6g Male

$225--ON SALE $200

Moe x Ginger.  This pairing has absolutely killed it. This one has nice, thick pins with ONE scale missing.  No one is perfect right?!

PxOh10--14.3g Male

$150--ON SALE $125

Pixie x Oh Henry.  This boy is SO dark.  Should have a large head as an adult.

MG5--9g Male

$315--ON SALE $275

Moe x Ginger.  This beautiful boy was a solid holdback up until I saw pores.  I just have too many males from this line...  I'll be sad to see him go.  His head is already large and I expect it to bulk out as he grows.

STf6--5g unsexed


Skittles x Toffee.  This pretty little harley has all the makings of being great in the right Tri-color grouping.

PB13--3.3g unsexed


Pearl x Bentley.  I mean, do I really need to say why this one is worth buying?  So creamy and so much pattern on a high percentage pinstripe.  Could go in a pin or harley group!

GBt7--3.3g unsexed


Giovanni x Butterscotch.  This pretty little harley has so much color!  Has some cream dots peeking through on the lats. :)

VN14--3.6g unsexed


Violet x Necco.  The pins on this one are SO bright.  Would be great in a Tri-Color pinstripe group.

S7--47g Female

$175--ON SALE $125

Stella x Apollo.  This beautiful girl is 50% GGG line sunglow and 50% possible Het Eclipse

MaSk8--4.4g unsexed


Mariposa x Skor.  This one is the result of two Paris Reptiles Productions bred together.  What resulted is a beautiful extreme harley that may one day qualify as a Tri-color.  It would certainly do well in a Tri-color group.

PB8--4g unsexed


Pearl x Bentley.  This beautiful Tri-color pinner is gonna be a STUNNING adult.  All that cream coming in!

MG7--4.1g unsexed


Moe x Ginger.  Just look at all that chunky cream on this one!  That along with beautiful pins and structure too!

PB11--3.2g unsexed


Pearl x Bentley.  Another beautiful creamy pinstripe out of this pair.  Can't go wrong with this one.

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