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The jungles on this page represent our core group of breeders, past, future hopefuls and hold-backs/grow-outs.  In regards to lineage information, I have charts made out for most individuals that go into greater detail (feel free to contact me with questions). 




This classic beauty was produced in 2011 by Headhunter Reptiles, from their now well-known "Victor" x "Brinkley" pairing.  Her sire's side features lines from VPI and M. Beach.  Her grand-dam (on Brinkley's side), "Covergirl" (Lazik "TG"), is now iconic, having graced the cover of Reptiles magazine these many years ago.  She was produced by Lazik from "founding stock parents".  Her grand-sire on the same side, is "Boaz", also a Lazik production.  That incredible pairing resulted in offspring that went to breeders who would become respected and remembered in their own rights within the jungle and greater Morelia communities (Leary, Hare, etc.).  Jada has produced clutches for us in 2015, 2018 and 2019.




What's in a name?  "Slowhand" is perhaps the most well-known of the many nicknames fans have given to legendary blues guitarist Eric Clapton.  Given I'm probably his biggest fan (no, really), the homage was fitting.  Slowhand was produced by Nick Helble of Swikmo's Snakes (and Reptilinks).  The dam was bred by Will Leary of Reptilicus Reptiles from "Covergirl" and, allegedly, a Schuett sire (cannot be substantiated).  Slowhand's sire, "Stripe", was a well-striped male produced by Andrew Hare, from an unknown dam to a striped sire, allegedly known as "Skunk" (not to be confused with AAR's "Skunk").  Slowhand has been a fantastic breeder, siring clutches with "Jada" in 2015 and 2018, and "Lucille", in 2017 and 2018.

"Day Tripper"


This fiery 2016 female is a pure "German bloodline" jungle, purchased by her previous owner from Star Pythons at the 2017 October NARBC show in Tinley, IL.  She's a sight to behold in person--extremely bright and electric, both in appearance and attitude!  I cannot wait to plug her into upcoming projects.  Given I took a day trip out of state to pick her up, along with my reverence for the Beatles, her name seems fitting.  Trippy to look at too, no?




"Luther" was produced in 2015 by Oliver Vaes, of Precision Reptiles, and sold to Philip Starcky of Star Pythons, in Germany.  Luther is full "German bloodline", and was imported in 2016 (certificate of origin on file).  I was fortunate enough to pick this guy up after a friend in the hobby decided to liquidate his collection.  Luther has incredibly rich, orangey yellows and stellar striping and has sired clutches with both "Jada" and "Ann Justice".




"Adelaide" is a 2015 female produced by Headhunter Reptiles, from their "Abel" x "Sinister" pairing.  Abel was also produced at Headhunter Reptiles, from their "Voltage" x "Brinkley" pairing.  Voltage was produced by Executive Reptiles and is VPI stock.  Brinkley is 100% Lazik stock, via "Boaz" x "Covergirl".  Adelaide's dam, Sinister, was produced by Dale Huffman from 1.1 Turner stock (Black/Schuett/Sipperly).  Sinister's dam was sold to David Haisten, who named her "Lucrezia".


"Ann Justice"


"Ann Justice" was produced by David Haisten, from his single "Jerry" x "Lucrezia" pairing, back in 2016.  Lucrezia was "one of the last of Turner's hold-backs", a stunning 2008 Lazik/Sipperly/Schuett female with a higher (solid) black to yellow ratio with striping down her spine.  Jerry is a product of "Lily" x "Herman", bred by Tad Fitzgerald.  Lily was from the infamous "Adam" (L. Black) x "Eve" (L. Black), bred by Will Leary.  Herman was bred by Leary also, from his GS3M (Schuett) male x "Covergirl" (Lazik).  Her name is a nod to Metallica, specifically, their "And Justice for All" album.  She laid her first clutch with us in 2020, sired by Luther.


"Jumpin' Jack Flash"


"Jumpin' Jack Flash" is one of my favorite jungles and definitely one of a kind!  I love the deep yellows, overall pattern and black flecking. Produced by David Haisten, from his Jerry x Lucrezia pairing in 2016 (Larry Black, Lazik, Schuett, Sipperly lines).  Among Jerry's grandsire/dams are the memorable "Adam" and "Eve", and "Covergirl", owned by  Will Leary.  Lucrezia is from Turner's "multigenerational line" consisting of Lazik, Schuett and Sipperly.  JJF is a full sibling to "Ann Justice", above.



One of the most unreal looking jungles I own and a personal favorite, "Lagertha" (Headhunter Reptiles' "Axel" x "Shadow", 2016) is jaw-dropping.  It's difficult to capture just how bright she is.  Headhunter's Brinkley is her grand dam and Lazik's "Covergirl", her great grand dam, all on the dam's side.  "Axel" is a 2012 male produced by Terry Ballard, from a '08 Leary female purchased from Leary in Tinley, '08 to a Headhunter-produced male from "Victor" x "Slash". 



"Orion", aptly named due to his "head stamp" resembling the belt in the constellation Orion, is a 2017 pure "German bloodline" jungle produced by Star Pythons, in Germany, from a 2013 pure German bloodline male produced by Precision Reptiles to a 2012 pure German bloodline dam, also produced by Precision Reptiles. Stellar (pun intended) plans for this guy.




"Akroma" was produced by Star Pythons from a 2014 Precision Reptiles zebra sire (German bloodline/Harris) to a 2013 Precision Reptiles pure "German line" jungle.  This gorgeous girl is feisty and has a lot more growing to do, but we're excited to have her in the fold, and will likely be plugging her into a few upcoming projects.


"General Electric"


This promising young male was produced by David Haisten, from his "Jerry" x "Bathory" pairing.  Jerry was produced by Tad Fitzgerald, from his "Lily" x "Herman" pairing.  Lily was 100% Larry Black line, via Will Leary's "Adam" x "Eve" pairing.  Herman was also produced by Leary, this time from his "Covergirl" x "GS3M" (100% Schuett, via GS1M x GS1F, which were Bartlett German line crossed with Larry Black line).  Bathory was produced by Leary from his GS2M (Schuett) male x "Hope" (Boaz, 100% Lazik, x Covergirl) pairing in 2007.  

"Latter Alice"


An incredible striped female from our 2019 "Luther" x "Jada" pairing, "Latter Alice" displays her sires' striping tendencies.  Her name is a play on words.  The band TOOL has an album, titled "Lateralus" (and a song by the same name).  Given I'm a huge TOOL fan, this name seemed perfect.  *See Jada and Luther's profiles for lineage information.

"Esther Day"

"Elle OG"




That star-shaped head stamp-- I knew this female was a hold-back as soon as I saw her pipping from the egg.  "Esther" means "star", but it wasn't the head pattern alone that I liked.  She has a higher yellow to black ratio than most in the clutch, with bands flaring out into those wide, diamond/triangles with solid (without yellow tipping) black pools in between.  On top of that?  Really nice striping tendencies.  Awesome pattern on this gal.  Produced here in 2019 from our "Jada" x "Luther" clutch.


"Strange Brew"


This uniquely patterned F1 "MIA" line female shows some nice striping tendencies, which is bound to be a consideration when she's ready to plug into breeding projects.  Her name comes from a song by the same name, on Cream's album, Disraeli Gears.  See our Jungle Journal & Gallery page for information on the MIA line.  

This stunning 2019 "MIA" line female will be a keystone in future projects.  Her name is a play on words.  An elegy is a poem or song of serious reflection.  The "OG" is fitting as well, given she's an original, an F1.  See our Jungle Journal & Gallery page for information on the MIA line.




Big plans are in store for this 2019 "MIA" line male (F1).  His name is one part irony, given the cloak-and-dagger, shrouded, but ultimately fortuitous (to our hobby) beginnings of this line, and one part appreciation of another of my favorite bands, Soundgarden.  See our Jungle Journal & Gallery page for information on the MIA line. 

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