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Welcome to my shop geckos page!  PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING! If you see something(s) you like or have any questions shoot me a message through the contact form at the bottom of the page!  Parent pics are included on the listing!   I am sometimes willing to negotiate when multiple animals are purchased.  Worst thing I can say is no. ;)

CK 1.jpg

22g Male

KitKat x Clover.jpg

CK 1--$200 

KitKat x Clover. Beautiful whitewall full pin male.  Should be a well structured adult.

NJG 2.jpg

23g Male

Giovanni x Norma Jean.jpg

NJG 2--$75

Giovanni x Norma Jean. Lots of great lineage packed into this beatiful boy!

VM Male.jpg

RTB 45g Male



Magneto x Violet. HOLDBACK RELEASE! A red who rarely fires up.  He's so creamy and beautiful!

MK 1.jpg

19g Male

KitKat x Marigold.jpg

MK 1--$125

KitKat x Marigold. I expect the cream to get a bit brighter and possibly even spread a bit.

KRu 1.jpg

17g Male

KitKat x Ruby.jpg

KRu 1--$200

KitKat x Ruby. Nearly full pin male.  Will be a well structured adult and cream is spreading!

OK 23.jpg

28g Male

Kit Kat x Onyxia.png


KitKat x Onyxia. Such unique markings on this one.  Looks like Shooting stars!

MK 2.jpg

26g Female

KitKat x Marigold.jpg

MK 2--$250

KitKat x Marigold. HOLDBACK RELEASE! This girl looks VERY similar to her mom. 

KRu 3.jpg

30g Female

KitKat x Ruby.jpg

KRu 3--SOLD!

KitKat x Ruby HOLDBACK RELEASE! A beautiful Brick Red with amazing structure!

JaG 29.jpg

17g Male

Giovanni x Jadis.jpg

JaG 29--$150

Giovanni x Jadis. GORGEOUS boy who is full sibs to Swanwhite, and Trinket.

MaG 3.jpg

28g Female

Giovanni x Mariposa.jpg


Giovanni x Mariposa. From beautiful lineage on both sides.  


RTB 40g Male

Giovanni x Sparkle.jpg


Giovanni x Sparkle.  HOLDBACK RELASE! Older photos but is fully RTB and look at all that cream!

NJG 4.jpg

13g Male

Giovanni x Norma Jean.jpg

NJG 4--$75

Giovanni x Norma Jean. Beautiful little harley out of beautiful lineage.

NJG 1.jpg

22g Male

Giovanni x Norma Jean.jpg


Giovanni x Norma Jean. Beautiful male harley who is dark and well patterned.

MaG 4.jpg

20g Male

Giovanni x Mariposa.jpg

MaG 4--$75

Giovanni x Mariposa. Pretty little harley with pretty markings.

MaG 5.jpg

21g Female

Giovanni x Mariposa.jpg

MaG 5--$200

Giovanni x Mariposa. HOLDBACK RELEASE! Another beautiful tricolor harley from the pairing.

Twix 3.2.jpg


No Lineage Info.jpg


I have a few retired breeders that need pet homes. If interested, message me and I'll see what I have available.

HB 3.jpg

19g Female

Bentley x Henrietta.jpg

HB 3--$400

Bentley x Henrietta.  Tricolor, ALMOST full pins and beautiful solid whites. 

RSk 2.jpg

19g Male

Skor x Rosie.jpg

RSk 2--$100

Skor x Rosie.  Beautiful red coming in.  May gain more cream as it grows.

SnAz 10b.jpg

21g Male

Snowday x Azaelea.png

SnAz 10--$150

Snowday x Azaelea. Pores seen. Such a beautiful little "frogbutt".

MiSn 7.jpg

26g Male

Snowday x Miracle.jpg

MiSn 7--$150

Snowday x Miracle. Beautiful harley boy with lots of pattern.

MaG 9.jpg

12g Male

Giovanni x Mariposa.jpg

MaG 9--$100

Giovanni x Mariposa. This one's dorsal has that look. I believe it will cream out a lot as it grows.

JaG 27.jpg

18g Male

Giovanni x Jadis.jpg

JaG 27--$75

Giovanni x Jadis. Another beautiful harley from the pairing.

SnAz 9.jpg

29g Male

Snowday x Azaelea.png

SnAz 9--$300

Snowday x Azaelea. HOLDBACK RELEASE! He's kinda a spazz but he's so beautiful!

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