Available Geckos

These are our available geckos unless otherwise marked.  Please take a look and message us with any purchase inquiries or questions using the contact form at the bottom of the page. If you're looking for anything in particular, let us know. There are always things hiding that might be available soon. Any questions? Ask away! We are happy to help!

BeTh 4.jpg

BeTh 4--15g Male

$350--SALE $200

Bentley x Thunderbird.png

Bentley x Thunderbird HOLDBACK RELEASE! This beautiful boy has THICK pins and full quadstripes!  Should bulk out some as it grows.  Both parents are very well structured.

MiSn 8.jpg

MiSn 8--5.4g Male 

$200--SALE $125

Snowday x Miracle.jpg

Snowday x Miracle. This one is super weird.  A brindley whitespotty harley...thing?  Should be an interesting adult.

SnAz 5.jpg

SnAz 5--6.6g Male 

$275--SALE $250

Snowday x Azaelea.png

Snowday x Azaelea  Beautiful tricolory thing.  Not sure how pattern may progress. 

TS 2.jpg

TS 2--5.5g Male

$300--SALE $175

Studebaker x Topaz.jpg

Topaz x Studebaker. Still small and who knows what the base and pattern will do as it grows!  LOTS of progression to watch!

PS 8.jpg

PS 8--8g Male

$325--SALE $200

Skor x Pearl.png

Skor x Pearl.  Possible Pores seen.  Full pin with a creamy Dorsal.  Full sib to KitKat.

SnAz 3.jpg

SnAz 3--8g Male


Snowday x Azaelea.png

Snowday x Azaelea HOLDBACK RELEASE!  I believe this is a dark red...but may be a lavender.  Only time will tell!

PS 12.jpg

PS 12--4.6g Male

$350--SALE $275

Skor x Pearl.png

Skor x Pearl.  Beautiful Tricolor Partial pin.  Would be staying if it was a female.  :)

BeTh 3.jpg

BeTh3--14g Male

$400--SALE $250

Bentley x Thunderbird.png

Bentley x Thunderbird.  Beautiful Tri-color full pin with thick quad striping!  Stunning already and will only get better!

PS 11.jpg

PS 11--5g Unsexed


Skor x Pearl.png

Skor x Pearl. NO PORES. SO much potential in this one.

PS 6.jpg

PS6--8.6g Possible Female


Skor x Pearl.png

Pearl x Skor.  No pores!

TS 1.jpg

TS1--8g Male

$300--SALE $175

Topaz x Studebaker.png

Topaz x Studebaker.  Harley with a nice creamy dorsal!  

OK 18.jpg

OK 18--8.8g Poss Female


Kit Kat x Onyxia.png

KitKat x Onyxia.  NO PORES.  The structure potential on this one is huge!  Literally.  Contrast is amazing too.

JaG 19.jpg

JaG19--11g Male

$325--SALE $175

Giovanni x Jadis.png

Jadis x Giovanni.  Beautiful little male who is going to be an outstanding adult.  

JaG 18.jpg

JaG18--13g Male

$400--SALE $250

Giovanni x Jadis.png

Jadis x Giovanni. Extreme harley Tri-Color.  Babies from this pairing usually gain orange as they grow. :) 

MiSn 2.jpg

MiSn2--9g Prob Female


Snowday x Miracle.png

Miracle x Snowday. NO PORES! Nice little brindley yellow!  

VM 12.jpg

VM 12--4.8g Unsexed


Midas x Violet.png

Midas x Violet.  NO PORES. Pretty little yellow

TS 5.jpg

TS 5--4.7g Unsexed


Studebaker x Topaz.jpg

Studebaker x Topaz.  Pretty little yellow!

MaN 23.jpg

MaN23--17g Male

$200--SALE $125

Necco x Marigold.jpg

Marigold x Necco.  Pretty little Tricolor.  White may really spread as it grows. :)

OK 17.jpg

OK 17--7.8g Unsexed


Kit Kat x Onyxia.png

KitKat x Onyxia. NO PORES.  Pretty high contrast pinstripe with a really cool head pattern!  Should be a well structured adult!

OK 20.jpg

OK20--6.3g Unsexed


Kit Kat x Onyxia.png

Onyxia x KitKat. NO PORES! Nice contrast Pinstripe. Should bulk out quite a bit with age.  Both parents are large and well structured.

TS 6.jpg

TS6--4.4g Male


Studebaker x Topaz.jpg

Skor x Topaz.  Pretty little yellow!

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