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Meet The *Gecko* Breeder!

Hi. I'm Erin and I'm a gecko addict....oh wait, wrong thing... I am Erin Paris. I have had a fascination with animals as long as I can remember. I grew up chasing butterflies, digging for worms and snails in the dirt, Playing with rolie polies, Catching frogs, toads, & snakes, and playing with my sister's Box turtle and just generally wanting to be up close and personal with any creature I came across. Not much has changed... I still chase(raise) butterflies, dig in the dirt for worms for my baby box turtle, play with rolie polies, enjoy frogs and toads, handle snakes...I've just added Geckos! I always wanted reptiles but other than the Box turtle, I never had a pet...just random ones I caught and kept for a couple days before my mom made me release them. In high school I started dating a guy I'd known my whole life who also loved reptiles so naturally 4 years later when we got married one of the first things we did was purchase a snake (for him) and a rabbit (for me). That is where it started.... We had quite a few and I bred my first Geckos (leopard geckos) in 2001 ish. Once we had kids we got out of reptiles for a few years but in 2011 when my husband said he thought he wanted a carpet python again “just as a pet” which quickly became a pair...Well, I needed a project too. The rest, as they say, is history. We now have around 200 reptiles(I think?) in our (very small) home along with our three kids and a dog. We breed Leopard Geckos, Crested Geckos, Leachianus Geckos, Jungle Carpet Pythons, and soon, Agricole. We are also hoping to move our reptiles out to our heated used-to-be-a-garage which might be dangerous because that means more room.... ;) Oh, I also have made a ton of friends and learned from a ton of people over the years. I got tired of the way that overnight experts would give advice and try to “correct” the actual experienced keepers online where you can't tell who actually knows what they're talking, I started a group on facebook with some of my most experienced keeper/breeder friends called “Ask the Gexperts”. It's just a silly name but we try to help people get the RIGHT information from people who have owned, bred, and breathed these animals for years. It's mainly targeted at new keepers who need somewhere to go with their questions but anyone is welcome. :) Find it at So anywho, that's me. You can find our Facebook page at You've obviously already found our website. Instagram is Paris_Reptiles and Morph Market is And, Here's me with some of my reptile friends. It's the most recent good pic of myself I could find. That's me on the right! :)

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